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Burgundy sunflower
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A moment of silence

8.9 quake and tsunami in Japan.  It's horrifying, sad and sobering.

The earthquake caused a road to buckle.

The tsumani pushed water, mud and debris several miles onshore and destroyed just about everything in its path.
The devastation is bad enough, but worries about the nuclear plant's integrity just add to the problem.
The nuclear power plant's cooling  system was wiped out by the tsunami and there are concerns about the plant's safety

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.  Even though they are the most prepared people on earth for this kind of disaster -- no-one can truly be prepared, and the physical and psychological toll is huge.

For those of us on the West Coast of the US, esp. in Southern California, the big one has yet to happen. The bomb is ticking and we can only look at the devastation in Japan and think "There, but for the grace of God, go I..." 

  The American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief
Text REDCROSS or 90999 to make $10 donation by text message.

Save the Children: Emergency Relief for Japan Quake
Toll free: 800-728-3843
Text JAPAN or 20222 to donate.

International Medical Corps
Text MED or 80888 to donate $10

Doctors Without Borders
Global Giving
Text JAPAN or 50555 to donate $10

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  1. The damage and destruction from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan looks massive from the images I’ve seen on television and the Internet! I hope the United States and other countries make substantial contributions to the relief efforts there.